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All right, Dr. O’Shea, I’m ready for my close-up.

March 8, 2010

Architeuthis dux? omg, is it really you? What has been? Five years? You we’re looking a bit peaked last time we met. But, gawd, now! Um, you look…great. Really. Just…great. *cough* What? No, I’m not staring! There’s just something, well…wait, don’t tell me…um, new hairstyle, right?

The camera loves you, babe.

Plastinated? You’re joking! What? No, I’d never had guessed! *ahem* You just look soo, um, shiny. Naturally shiny, I mean!

What’s that? Feel your mantle? Oh, no. I don’t think… Stop it now. *giggle* Fresh thing! Dr. O’Shea gave explicit instructions not to touch!

Oh, Dux. *blush* Really. You know I could never resist the come-hither curl of your tentacular club… You saucy thing. I know you’re going on the road, & I’m just a brief layover in the old town, but tonight there’s just you and me, diving deep again, like old times. The squid and the whale, baby. The squid and the whale.

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