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Snakey bastard

May 2, 2010

Speaking of sexy animals, here’s a shy, handsome fellow I spent some quality time with earlier today — the utterly common Eastern Garter Snake. This one was about 18 inches long.


I live in an orgy of snakes. I don’t know quite what it is, but in addition to an almost seething groundcover of garters from spring thaw to fall frost, I’ve caught a brief, surprised glimpse of a (quite rare for this area) Black Racer at the wood pile, mortally injured a Ribbon Snake with a tractor (poor guy!), and spent several lovely minutes with a 3 ft. long Milk Snake while walking the dog.

Such a supple neckline

Also, at least two Snapping Turtles over the years have trundled out of the woods to bury a clutch of eggs on the side of driveway (though I never saw any babies hatch in spring, much as I obsessively watched for).

I think he's laughing at my skink joke, but maybe he's just preparing to bite my nose.

Me and the local reptiles. We’re like this.

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