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Circus of the Spineless

August 2, 2010

That monthly feast of invertebration known as Circus of the Spineless has been served Augustly over at Birder’s Lounge. And what a meal it is, if you like picking exoskeleton out from between your teeth. I’ve even contributed the After-Hours Night-Cap to the menu, though IDs, apparently, will be checked.

Delicious meal, Chez Amber!

Next month, September, will have the circus rolling into town at . . . hold on, lemme check the schedule . . . omg! Right here! Yep, I’m hosting!

I’ve got a distinct feeling the hectocotyli CotS’ll be less a 3-ring-big-top, and more carny-trailer-funhouse. But you never know what to expect with those itinerant invertebrates.

So please, if you’re writing about some animal on your blog during the month of August, and that animal doesn’t have a backbone, I wanna know! Send contibutions my way to hectocotyli>gmail or DM on twitter.

Catch you on the midway!

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